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Brake System Inspection Service

How a Brake System Inspection Works

So, how does the inspection process work? Lafontaine Hyundai performs a comprehensive visual inspection of your vehicle's entire brake system-measuring its brake pads, brake pedal, brake lines, and cylinders. It's important to know that your vehicle has one of two types of brake systems: disc brakes or drum brakes.

Disc Brake Systems

Disc brake systems are incredibly common. They're also a little easier to inspect. A disc brake system consists of a caliper, a pad, a disc and potentially a rotor. When its brake pedal is pressed, hydraulic fluid passes through the system's lines-forcing the caliper to press against the disc. This creates friction, slowing the vehicle.

Drum Brake Systems

A drum brake system consists of brake shoes and a brake drum. When you press the brake pedal, its cylinder presses the brake shoes, which have brake linings, against the brake drum's inner surface. This creates friction, slowing the vehicle. During an inspection service, Lafontaine Hyundai technicians perform a comprehensive visual inspection of your vehicle's brake system. During this inspection, we'll measure the efficiency of your brake pads-providing a written evaluation of recommended services. Your brake pedals are also examined: Technicians measure its free play and reserve distance. If there are any discrepancies between the recordings and your manufacturer's recommendations-we'll suggest maintenance. Not all brake system maintenance procedures are the same, however, existing on a case-to-case basis.

Brake System Inspection in Dearborn, MI

Your vehicle's brake system is vital to its longevity, effectiveness and-most importantly-its safety. Here at Lafontaine Hyundai, we're dedicated to every driver's safety. We've served Detroit, Taylor and Westland, MI for many years-and we're here to show you the fundamentals of good brake system health. To make sure your brake system is up to par, it's a good idea to ask an expert for assistance. Lafontaine Hyundai has experience with many makes and models, helping Dearborn (Wayne County) drivers get the most out of their rides.

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LaFontaine Hyundai is Here to Help

If you're hearing odd sounds in your vehicle, experience abrupt stops or suspect you need tire rotations-contact us immediately. Sometimes, brake system problems are tough to spot. It's better to be safe-rather than sorry. LaFontaine Hyundai is here to help, taking care of keeping your vehicle up to its manufacturer's standards. We've serviced Wayne County for many years, and we're always available for a quick rundown about your vehicle's health. We've seen almost everything, and we're well-versed in vehicle inspections, maintenance, tune-ups and part replacements alike. If you're ready to check out your vehicle's inner mechanics, give us a call. We're ready to take a closer look.


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