Check Engine Light Diagnosis

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What to do When Your Check Engine Light Come On?

It never is fun to see the "check engine" light showing on your car's dash. Notions of costly repairs or buying a new car might enter your mind. Fortunately, LaFontaine Hyundai in Wayne County will perform a free check engine light diagnosis.

In many cases, the issue is a simple and cost-effective matter, like reattaching a vacuum line that came loose. But, that light also might indicate something more serious that needs to be addressed to keep your car running right.

What the Service Does

When you have your check engine code checked at LaFontaine Hyundai, our certified technicians and mechanics perform a simple computer diagnostic scan. That determines any codes that your car might be sending regarding a potential area of concern.

Diagnosis greatly narrows the mechanic's focus on only the area that might need repairs. It could be an electrical situation or other simple problem that takes only a few moments to address. A new fuse, spark plug, or another affordable part can get you back up and running in no time. Sometimes your code will lead us to perform a multi-point inspection, or you possibly more serious repairs.

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Why You Need to Do It

Check engine diagnostic service is quick and usually free! Instead of ignoring the check engine light and taking chances on your car's mechanical health, a simple computer diagnostic scan can take provide a full picture of what is going on with your vehicle. The experienced mechanics can provide accurate estimates of any potential repair costs, and let you know how serious the matter might be.

A check engine light does not need to be a drastic matter for you or any other car owners. When you have honest, well-trained and experienced mechanics doing the work, you can ensure you get fair estimates on time and cost to get things made right.

Schedule Your Check Engine Diagnostic Service

The friendly technicians at LaFontaine Hyundai can take care of any make or model vehicle. Our diagnostic scanning tools work on all vehicles, and we carry a full line of OEM parts and aftermarket parts to fix virtually any condition.

Diagnostic service takes only a few minutes to complete and can provide a wealth of information about your car and its mechanical condition. Those in Detroit, Taylor, Westland, and beyond can schedule a diagnostic to keep their cars running their best.


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