Fuel System Cleaning Service

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Cleaning Your Fuel System

Has your vehicle been running sluggishly lately? The fuel economy may have decreased and there is less power. Gas mileage, increasing overall performance and preventing excessive wear and tear on your motor are what can be gained by getting a fuel system cleaning service. All of the dirt, debris, and contaminants in your fuel system are flushed out with a cleaner and our team will also inspect crucial components for damage as part of the fuel system cleaning service.

Following your vehicle manufacturer and your vehicle owner’s manual recommendations is a good way to know when to get a fuel system cleaning. This service can help keep your car from having major problems. Various parts of the engine can be damaged if fuel is not flowing properly. This can lead to a decrease in fuel economy, poor performance, and in the worst-case scenario, a complete engine shutdown. Routine maintenance is recommended to avoid these situations. Getting an annual fuel system cleaning or following suggested maintenance schedules will ensure your vehicle is performing correctly.

Certified Fuels System Service

A fuel filter, fuel injectors and fuel pump make up some of the components of your fuel system. When these components are working properly, fuel flows from the fuel tank to the injectors and disperses into the engine. When the fuel combusts, fuel and air mix in the correct ratio. This sparks and powers your vehicle. When your vehicle is serviced, a full inspection of the fuel system by technicians is performed. A fuel system cleaner is used to eliminate moisture from the fuel system and lubricate crucial valves and cylinders. Dirt, carbon and other contaminants are usually removed from the throttle body and throttle plate during the time of service.

Risks of Never Cleaning Your Fuel System

There are particles and debris that can clog the small components in the fuel system. Parts like the filter, fuel injectors, and pump are all capable of being clogged by dirt and particles. The entire system will not work properly if even one of the components is not functioning. A complete engine shut down can happen and the best way to avoid this is to regularly have the system cleaned. This will help prevent costly repairs down the road and keep your vehicle functioning smoothly. With consistent service, you can avoid being stranded on the road.

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Stop by or call to schedule an appointment at LaFontaine Hyundai in Wayne County also serving Detroit, Taylor, and Westland, MI. The fuel system cleaning service will get your vehicle running at top performance. While you are here our Hyundai Certified Technicians can assess whatever other auto repair needs you may have for your Hyundai vehicles.


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