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Hyundai Headlight Resurfacing & Restoration Service

Headlight Restoration Service in Dearborn, MI

If you’ve noticed your headlights don’t seem as bright as they used to, even after you’ve cleaned them thoroughly, don’t worry it may not be your eyes. Although a trip to the ophthalmologist shouldn’t be ruled out, this dimming may indicate your car is in need of our headlight resurfacing and restoration service. Modern Headlights are a two-part deal:
the headlamp that generates the light and the hardcoat that protects the headlamp.

Why Do My Headlights Need Service?

The hard coat is transparent in order to permit the light to pass through and brighten the road ahead. It is plastic to prevent its breaking. Just because the hard coat shields the headlight from the slings and arrows of road debris does not mean it is invincible to them, however. The onslaught of pebbles and sand when driving through a road repair zone or on a beach road, as well as the splat of large bugs that don’t make it out of your way, all result in the gradual accumulation of abrasions on what was once smooth plastic.

Do You Need Headlight Service?

Further damage is done by the constant bath of UV light they endure. Given enough time, the road debris will lead to abrasions on the hard coat; and the UV light will give it a yellowish tint. Now that you understand, take a look at your headlights. Are they yellow and full of abrasions? If so, they need to be resurfaced and restored.

Headlight Cover Resurfacing Process

One of our factory-trained technicians will follow a protocol that has been proven to be effective in restoring the headlight’s transparency.

  • First, a chemical solvent is applied to remove the existing fogged-up plastic coating.
  • Second, a wet-sand and polish will be applied to the headlamp covers to restore their surface.
  • Third, a UV protectant will be applied to prevent the condition from re-occurring.

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If you live or work in Wayne County or have been thinking you need new headlights, let a technician at LaFontaine Hyundai, resurface and restore them first. You’ll find it a cheaper alternative to replacing them. And you’ll probably be able to rule out eye problems.

While your car is being serviced you can make yourself at home in our comfortable waiting room and help yourself to coffee or a beverage, passing the time watching our HDTV or perusing our current supply of newspapers, books, and magazines. Schedule your next service by giving us a call or use our easy scheduling tool to set your next appointment online!

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