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Hyundai Recalls at LaFontaine Hyundai in Dearborn, MI

It can be frustrating and inconvenient to receive a recall notification for your vehicle. However, manufacturer defects can happen, and the only way to get them fixed is by taking your vehicle to an authorized service center for a free-of-cost recall service. At Lafontaine Hyundai, we offer a recall service for all Hyundai models. Our facility in Dearborn, MI, is easily accessible for Hyundai owners based in Westland, Detroit, and Taylor. If you have received a vehicle recall notification, we highly recommend that you delay or ignore getting the recall service.




Hyundai Recall Department

What is the Purpose of Vehicle Recall?

There are different types of recalls. The most common type is a safety recall, which is issued if the vehicle manufacturer or the NHSTA determines that a vehicle model poses a safety risk or does not meet motor vehicle safety standards. It could be an issue with the seat belt, airbags, cruise control issues, warped wheel covers, or issues with other components of the vehicle. The NHTSA is responsible for investigating possible manufacturing defects with the vehicle, and they also monitor the safety recall service procedure by the vehicle manufacturer.

What Information is Included in the Recall Notification?

The vehicle manufacturer is required to send an official recall notification to registered vehicle owners. The notification should contain details of the applicable vehicle or model that has been affected by the defect. It should also contain information on recall service duration, an explanation of the remedy, and any deadlines to complete the service. In most cases, the recall notification also explains what led to the problem with the vehicle.


Latest Hyundai Recall Information

You must keep your contact information up to date with Hyundai or an authorized service center so that if there is a recall issued for your vehicle, you are notified on time. At Lafontaine Hyundai, we can provide you with the latest recall information, and we can keep your contact information on file in case we need to contact you for recall service. You can also check the latest recall information on the Hyundai website using the VIN of your vehicle. You can check the IIHS website for information on safety features and ratings of your vehicle.



Get Hyundai Model Recall Service at Lafontaine Hyundai

To schedule a Hyundai recall service at Lafontaine Hyundai, please contact us via phone or our schedule service web page. We also offer all types of automotive services, including routine auto care. You can add multiple auto services to your appointment with us. We offer online service scheduling on our website for quick and easy service booking. We welcome all makes and models for service at Lafontaine Hyundai. Make sure you check our service specials for discounts and deals. We also honor all competitor’s coupons.


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